Portable Powerful 6 Blades USB Rechargeable Juicer/Blender

Rs.1,499 Rs.2,499
sharper rechargeable portable USB mixer automatic mini portable juicer small household  automatic vegetable fruit
product name: new electric juice cup
commodity material: material food grade PC material + food grade rubber seal + SUS304
Type: Fruit and Vegetable Tools
Color: Purple / Pink / Green / Blue Random Colour can be Deliver not promised about colour choice
product size: bottom diameter 6cm, Mixer Space 12.5mm Total Height *22.5cm
Number of blades: 6 nos
Battery Style: 3.7 v
Working Current: 10-12A
USB Power: Using Mobile Power Phone charger or power bank
product weight: 460g
product packaging: Juice cup + color box
Note on the juice cup:
  • First, charging: the first use to charge more than 3 hours, 8 hours is better, otherwise it is easy to power shortage or not.
  • Second, tighten: the cup body and the base must be tightened to rotate, because the cup body and the base have an invisible protection switch, only the cup body can be tightened to reach the convenient working state.
  • Third, fruit: fruit must be cut into small pieces of 1.5 cm
  • Fourth, add water: After putting the fruit, you must add one-half of the water or milk of the amount of fruit, do not dry, easy to burn the motor. (Unless you have a lot of water, such as watermelon, you don’t need water).
  • V. Switch: The cup should be inverted and the switch should be turned up before the head is turned up (otherwise the blade is easily caught by the fruit, the card machine does not turn). After the inverted position, it should be shaken about 45 degrees,
         and the juice extraction effect will be good.Mix a variety of fruits and vegetables.
Note: This product have only check warranty you receive or its active power its our responsibility.
with out use you can return in 7 days.