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Magic Nano Tape Double Sided

Magic Nano Tape Double Sided

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Color: transparent.

Material: Nano PU gel.
Thickness: 0.2
Length: 2m, 5m (optional).

Can be easily cut into any size!
Can be washed and used repeatedly.
It is easy to remove and will not damage your walls or surfaces.
The smooth surface can withstand 1 kg.
It can work normally in the temperature range of -16°C (-17.8°C) or 62°C (145.6°C).
Wide range of uses: can be used to paste posters, photo frames, pen holders, wall stickers,
Hooks, gadgets, notepads, cell phone pockets and wall decorations.

1. Clean the surface you want to paste.
2. Cut it to the correct size and paste it.
3. Please remove the protective film before use.
4. If the gel has viscosity loss or surface dust,
Wash it with water and dry it, then it can be reused many times.

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