Windproof Non-Slip Clothesline (Pack Of 2)

Rs.499 Rs.1,499


Do you always worry about hanging your clothes outside being blown away? Lessen your woes with this Windproof Non-Slip Clothesline! This unique clothesline lets you dry multiple clothes and secures them in place without sliding or getting blown away on windy days.

This windproof clothesline is easy to use and has a functional multi-grid design that is made with high-quality firm nylon hand-woven rope for strong loading. It also comes with a bold stainless steel hook that can be moved and assembled anywhere. It’s also compact and travel-friendly so you can use it during your vacation. 


  • Non-slip clothesline - Keeps your clothes in place and not getting blown away or sliding around.  
  • Functional design - Comes with a multi-grid design for large capacity.
  • High-quality materials - Made with premium quality hand-woven nylon rope for toughness and durability as well as strong carrying capacity. 

  • Easy to use - Uncoil the clothesline and wrap the rope around and fix it with the stainless steel hook. 
  • Multipurpose - Can also dry towels and sheets directly on the rope and installed indoors or outdoors. 
  • Small and lightweight - Easy to store by just folding. A good choice for traveling or going outdoor camping.